Four Point Group, Inc.


Four Points Group provides professional consulting, and subject matter experts to infrastructure industries. At Four Points Group, our staff has expertise in project and process planning and implementation from concept to completion. Our staff has an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients to offer unparalleled services to organizations in the energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. We put this experience to work to solve problems with tailored services and cost-effective solutions to meet client needs. This is what makes Four Points Group the ideal partner to address challenges facing infrastructure organizations and projects.

At Four Points Group, we understand the significance of having the right professional assigned to each project and we are committed to providing qualified, experienced consultants and technical personnel.

Representative value-added, professional staffing infrastructure support
  • Process System Design Tools and Support
    • Four Points Group solves design problems on complex process flow networks in aerospace, industrial gases, chemical, power generation, pulp and paper and oil and gas production industries.
  • Decommissioning Management
    • Four Points Group develops scope and plans with attendant schedule and detailed cost estimates for assessment of decommissioning options. We provide tailored methodologies and plans for management of on-site facilities leading to site closure, including organizational and staffing assessments, and evaluation of regulatory requirements relative to a facilities shutdown condition.
  • Licensing and Permitting
    • Four Points Group provides regulatory interface, compliance assessments, gap analysis, corrective action development and license and permit submittal review.
  • Conflict Resolution and Litigation Support
    • Four Points Group provides rapid identification and analysis of key technical issues in disputes. Our work includes, due diligence reviews with a focus on clarifying technical issues. We have extensive experience in supporting mediation, arbitration and negotiations to encourage satisfactory settlement for our clients. We have supported discovery, preparation, deposition and trial examinations as well as providing expert technical witnesses for litigation.
  • Consulting
    • Four Points Group provides consulting services to improve organizational effectiveness and reduce risk. Four Points Group conducts management audits and evaluation of business and operating processes, including regulatory performance.



Four Point Group, Inc.
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